Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Kurganinsk District is a Municipal Formation within the Krasnodar Region. The Kurganinsk District includes 1 urban and 9 rural settlements.

The area of the district is 153.9 thousand hectares. The main wealth of the district is agricultural lands, which occupies a large part (125.5 thousand hectares) that is 81.5% of all lands in the district including 111.2 thousand hectares of the total area of arable land in the district.

The population of the Municipal Formation Kurganinsk District is 102.2 thousand people, 53% of which live in rural areas.

The Kurganinsk District was founded in 1924. The center of the district is the city of Kurganinsk (the former Cossack village). The Cossack village of Kurgannaya was founded by Linear Cossacks in 1853 on the mounds of the right bank of the Laba River. In 1961, a Government Decree "On Awarding the Status of a City to the Cossack Village of Kurgannaya" was issued.

The basis of the economic potential of the Municipal Formation Kurganinsk District is industry, agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, and construction.

The largest share in the structure of the basic sectors of the district's economy is occupied by the production of agricultural and industrial products (58.4%); the retail trade turnover amounts to 38.4%.

According to statistics for 2020, large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations of the district provided the volume of shipped products of their own production and works (services) performed for 30,467.4 million rubles (the growth rate was 192.4%).

Name of a sector of the economy

Shipped products and works (services) performed in actual prices for large and medium-sized enterprises, million rubles



Growth rate, %

The industrial sector








Retail trade




Wholesale trade




Public catering








Transportation and storage




Paid services to the population








Following the results of 2020, positive growth rates for large and medium-sized enterprises (in current prices) were noted in 5 out of 8 sectors of the economy. Their share in the volume of shipped products and works (services) performed amounted to 98.9%.


In 2020, 48 industrial enterprises operated in the territory of the Kurganinsk District, of which 21 enterprises belong to the category of large and medium-sized enterprises. About 5 thousand people work in the industrial sector, which is 14.4% of the number of people employed in the district's economy.

High production volumes in the industrial sector were provided by Kurganinskiy Meat and Poultry Plant CJSC, Kurganinskiy Sugar Plant CJSC, Vybor-S LLC, Kuban Bacon LLC, Kurganinskiy Bakery Complex LLC, Galan LLC, METARUS Kurganinsk JSC, Monolit LLC, Proff-Stal LLC, Almaz Firm LLC, Alfa Group LLC, Omega LLC, Parento LLC, and Yug-Dekor LLC.

Following the results of the work for 2020, large and medium-sized enterprises of the industrial complex shipped products of their own production and provided industrial services for 6,374.3 million rubles including by sector:

  • manufacturing enterprises for 5,880.0 million rubles;
  • natural resources mining for 328.7 million rubles;
  • provision of electricity, gas and steam for 36.3 million rubles;
  • water supply, sewerage, waste management, and activities for the elimination of pollution for 129.3 million rubles.

Manufacturing industries play a pivotal role in the industrial sector of the economy; in 2020, they provided 92.2% of the total volume of products, works, and services of an industrial nature implemented by large and medium-sized enterprises of the industrial sector of the district, of which 70.3% is the volume of food manufacturing.

The implementation of investment projects, the expansion of production volumes and the range of products manufactured by small industrial enterprises of the district play an important role in the development of the industrial sector of the economy. The share of the volume of shipped goods and performed works (services) of own production of small enterprises for 2020 amounted to 16.8% in the total volume of industrial production.


Agriculture plays an important role in ensuring the sustainable development of the district's economy. The agricultural sector of the economy has a high social significance in terms of the number of people employed in agricultural production, as well as in the provision of food.

The agricultural sector of the district is represented by 8 large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, 20 small agricultural enterprises, 382 peasant farm enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, as well as more than 20 thousand personal subsidiary plots of the population.

Large and medium-sized enterprises of the agricultural sector of the district are as follows: Selkhoz-Galan LLC, Agro-Galan LLC, Rassvet Collective Farm LLC, Vozdvizhenskaya Agricultural Firm LLC, Novoalekseyevskiy Collective Farm Agricultural Production Cooperative, Vozdvizhenskoye CJSC, Novokubanskiy Agrocomplex (a stand-alone business unit of Kavkaz LLC), as well as Kurganinskoye and Petropavlovskoye stand-alone business units of Stavropol Broiler LLC.

In the total volume of agricultural production, the largest share (51.1%) is occupied by the products of agricultural enterprises; the products of peasant farm enterprises and individual entrepreneurs amount to 33.9%; a significant contribution is also made by private subsidiary plots, which share in the total volume is 15.0%.

In 2020, large and medium-sized enterprises of the agricultural sector shipped agricultural products and provided services in this area for 4,016.5 million rubles, an increase of 15.3% compared to 2019, due to an increase in crop production by agricultural organizations. Achieving such results became possible due to the renewal of seed material, the work of seed farms in the district to propagate the latest varieties of wheat, barley, and corn hybrids of domestic selection, as well as increasing the volume of organic fertilizers and reviving field irrigation. Not to depend on weather conditions, melioration is being revived in the district, and more than 5,000 hectares of irrigated land have been put into operation.

The Kurganinsk District is famous for the production of vegetables grown under cover. The areas of greenhouses being built are increasing annually; the construction of 15.6 hectares of greenhouses was subsidized with the help of state support measures in 2020; in total, there are 300 hectares under greenhouses in the district.

The development of horticulture is also relevant for the district. The area of perennial fruit plantations in agricultural enterprises and peasant farm enterprises was 112 hectares at the beginning of 2020. Additional 82.8 hectares of new intensive type orchards and 4.2 hectares of vineyards were planted in 2020.

Livestock breeders of the district maintained a positive growth trend in the production of meat, milk, and eggs in 2020. The development of poultry farming is a priority direction in animal husbandry. The number of poultry at the end of 2020 in all categories of farms amounted to 1 million heads.

For selling vegetable products, the weekend fair in the city of Kurganinsk and social rows for seasonal trade in each settlement successfully operate for small producers.


The infrastructure of the consumer sphere in 2020 was represented as follows: 1002 retail outlets; 18 wholesale trade facilities; 146 facilities for providing personal services; 110 vehicle service facilities; 34 pharmacy network facilities; 137 catering network facilities including 90 year-round public catering facilities (for 3,234 seats); 7 summer network facilities at stationary and non-stationary facilities (for 176 seats); 40 closed type enterprises (secondary general education schools; health care institutions; institutions of secondary vocational education; canteens at agricultural and industrial enterprises). The provision of the population with public catering enterprises is 33.2 seats per thousand inhabitants. The provision of the population with the area of retail facilities is 658 sq. m per 1,000 inhabitants.

The share of retail trade turnover in 2020 accounts for 38.4% in the structure of the basic sectors of the economy for a full range of enterprises in the district.

The following network of branded stores of manufacturing enterprises of the Krasnodar Region operates in the territory of the district: Kurganinskiy Meat and Poultry Plant CJSC (8 retail outlets); Vyselkovskiy Agrocomplex CJSC (6 retail outlets); Vkus Nash branded stores of Mir LLC selling products of Kurganinskiy Bakery Complex LLC and Galan LLC (7 retail outlets). There are offices of online stores of Wildberries LLC, Ozon, and CITYLINK here. Large retail chains are as follows: Magnit, Pyatyorochka, Krasnoye I Beloe, Fix Price, Alkoteka, Rubl, Svetofor, Prodsklad Pobeda, DNS, RBT, Svyaznoy, MTS, Megafon, Beeline, and others. The share of domestically produced goods is 2/3 of the goods sold in the assortment of food products of chain stores.

Positive dynamics was noted in large and medium-sized retail and wholesale enterprises in 2020.

The retail trade turnover of large and medium-sized enterprises of the district increased by 11.7% compared to the level of 2019 and amounted to 4,749.8 million rubles. The wholesale trade turnover of large and medium-sized enterprises of the district increased 9 times compared to the level of 2019 and amounted to 14,791.0 million rubles.

As part of the creation of an alternative trading network for the sale of surplus fruit and vegetables grown by the population, 23 fairs for 2,347 trading places were arranged in 2020. Among them, there are as follows: 1 weekend fair (for 50 trading places), 8 universal fairs (for 2,084 trading places), 3 fairs in the "social row" format (for 35 trading places), and 11 fairs in the "roadside social row" format (for 178 trading places). The "Social rows" carry out activities on a daily basis and free of charge. Products at the weekend fairs are sold at prices by 5-10 percent below the market average. More than 4 thousand tons of products were sold at fairs in 2020.

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